Volunteer Background Check Information

Martin County Schools recognizes three levels of volunteers:

Level I Volunteer – Does not require a background screening

Level II Volunteer – Requires a background screening

Level III Volunteer – Requires a background screening and drug screening.

Martin County Schools utilizes Background Investigation Bureau, (B.I.B) to conduct our background screenings and drug screenings.  The platform used for our background screenings only includes a criminal records check and a driving records check. B.I.B. accesses County Court Records, State Repository Records, Federal Records, Criminal Record Databases, the National Sex Offender Registry Search, Security Watch Lists, and International Records.  The background check platform used for Martin County Schools does not include any type of financial/credit history component. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the difference between the Level I, II, and III Volunteers?   The difference in levels is dependent on the amount of interaction that a volunteer has with students without the direct supervision/direction of school system staff.  Level I volunteers work under the direct supervision and direction of a staff member at all times.  Level II volunteers work under the direction of the staff member, but may work with students alone without the presence of a staff member.  Level III volunteers may work with students alone without the presence of a staff member extensively through athletic events or overnight field trips.
  • Is this a Board of Education Policy? Yes, Martin County Board of Education Policy 3320 School Trips and Policy 5015 School Volunteers both speak to this issue.  These policies are available to review at http://martinconc.apptegy.us/o/district/browse/30069 
  • What are some examples of Level I Volunteers?  Classroom Helpers, Cafeteria Helpers, Parents Eating Lunch with their Child, Office Helpers, Librarian Helpers, Parents attending Field Day
  • What are some examples of Level II Volunteers? Volunteers that are providing tutoring to students individually or in small groups without the direct supervision of a staff member and parents attending or chaperoning one-day field trips
  • What are some examples of Level III Volunteers?  Volunteer coaches and parents attending or chaperoning overnight field trips
  • How often will I have to have a background check? Your background check will be good for one year.
  • If my background check is approved while my child(ren) attend(s) one school and then we transfer to another school, do I have to go through another background check again?  No, school personnel will have access to see who has been approved for the entire district.
  • Why do I have to provide my social security number if my credit information is not a part of the background screening?  In order to conduct a complete background check, it is necessary to determine all of the places a person has lived and to access criminal databases in states outside of the individual’s current residence in North Carolina.  B.I.B. has informed us that the only way to access that information is by utilizing an individual’s social security number because it is required on mortgages and by most rental leases.
  • I am concerned about my social security number being shared. Is there another way to put that information into the system myself?  We understand the importance of identity security.  If you prefer, you may provide the background check form, payment and your driver’s license at the school level.  When your information is forwarded to the MCS County Office to enter, we can contact you by phone and have you verbally provide your social security number as it is being entered into the online system.  This will eliminate a need for a copy of your card and your number will not be recorded on paper.
  • Is there a place that we can enter our own information for a background check?  At this time there is not, however, we are currently working with B.I.B. to get a Volunteer Portal set up that you will be able to access online to enter the information to complete your background check. Payment will be made online as well. Once this information is entered, you will receive an e-mail within a few regarding whether you are approved or denied.
  • If I am a MCS employee, do I have to complete a background check?  MCS staff, university student interns, School Resource Officers, and active local and state law enforcement officers do not need to complete a separate background check to volunteer.  These individuals are thoroughly screened before they can work with students.
  • Can a background check from another agency or employer be used?  We will be glad to review other background checks, however we must be able to substantiate
  • How much does a background check cost? We are currently charging the rate that B.I.B. charges us for background checks. That rate per person is as follows: 

$12.50 for one name

$24.24 for two names

$36.40 for three names

For example…..If you have been married and assumed your partner’s last name, then you will need to pay for your maiden name and your name after marriage.