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New Candidate Login Experience

Everyone, including users who already have accounts as well as brand new users who want to apply for the first time, will need to Sign Up on the new login page. (Click "Click Here to Access Current Vacancies" above and then click "Sign In /Sign Up" at the top of the screen to access the new login page.)

New Online Application Login Page

Once you have completed the sign up process, follow the directions to sign in and attach your old account (if you have one) to your new account. Linking the accounts together should save you from having to enter all of your basic application information again.

You can use the same email address and password on your new account as you had on your old account.

Detailed instructions (including videos) can be found in the "New Applicant Login" link on the original sign in/sign up page. If you need additional assistance, click the link on our job board to launch Chat Support or call 1-877-974-7437.

Since no one from Martin County Schools can see your information in the online application system, we are unable to provide technical assistance.

Other Questions? Email

Substitute Teachers

Martin County Schools is currently partnering with ESS to manage its substitute teacher program.

To apply: ESS Substitute Teacher Application. For more information, visit our Substitute Teachers page.

Any questions should be directed to Latoya Hayes, ESS Account Manager (; 252-420-0431).