Community Listening Meetings

Community Listening Meetings

First Meeting - Thursday, Aug. 5 at South Creek High School

As Martin County Schools embark on developing the 2022 - 2027 District Strategic Plan, district leaders are turning to the community to solicit input.

Dr. David Fonseca, Superintendent of Martin County Schools, will lead community “listening meetings” starting Aug. 5.  These meetings will allow Martin County Schools to hear directly from the community on what the district is doing well and what the district can do differently.

“As a school system, we value the voices of our students, parents, teachers, staff and community. We are excited to embark on the upcoming listening meetings as they will help us in the development of our district strategic plan 2022 - 2027.  We are looking forward to hearing directly from everyone in Martin County,” Fonseca explained.  “It is also time to evaluate our mission and vision. We want to make sure that Martin County Schools are ready to meet the challenges our students will face as they graduate.  Everyone’s voice is important in that effort,” Fonseca concluded. 

Meetings will be held across Martin County during August, September and October. Students, parents, staff and community members are invited to attend any of the meetings. Attendance areas and geographical boundaries are not a concern, “Everyone is welcome to attend any of the meetings,” said Fonseca. 

“The creation of a District Strategic Plan is a community effort, and it is a process that should not be completed in a hurry,” Fonseca explained. “To do this well, we must be thorough and deliberate. We must get it right! Our students, staff and community are depending on us to do just that.”

Three questions will begin each meeting, according to Fonseca.

  1. What has changed in education over the last 5, 10, and 20 years?
  2. What are we doing well in Martin County Schools? 
  3. What should Martin County Schools do differently

Meeting Dates: All Events Begin at 6:30p.m.

  Thursday, Aug. 5 - South Creek High School Auditorium                                                                             Tuesday, Aug. 10 - Jamesville Elementary School Multipurpose Room                                                         Tuesday, Sept. 7 - Riverside High School Media Center                                                                           Thursday, Sept. 16 - West Martin Community Center                                                                                 Tuesday, Oct. 5 - Rodgers Elementary School                                                                                                           Thursday, Oct. 14 - Riverside Middle School

“It is our hope that Martin County’s students, parents, teachers and staff, and community have the opportunity to attend one of these community meetings,” Fonseca added. Questions about the meetings can be directed to Sarah Hodges Stalls, Public Information Officer for Martin County Schools, at or call MCS Central Office at 792-1575