- Tomorrow, afternoon, teachers will share with parents a copy of the MCS Frequently Asked Questions Document as well as the MCS Mask policy. 
- By Friday, they will also share with you the procedures for pick-up and drop-off at RES as well as procedures for riding the bus. 
- Homeroom teachers will let you know if they are going to be sharing these documents via Remind, Class Dojo, or posting them in their google classroom.
- On Monday, many K-5 students will be returning to school; however, there are a significant number of students who have opted to remain virtual. As a result of this, we have had to reassign some of our in-person students to other classes within our school and many of our students will have a different virtual teacher beginning on Monday. Students in Mrs. Love's first grade class will be reassigned to either Mrs. Bullock or Mrs. Ellen Mizell's first grade class if they are returning for in-person instruction. Mrs. Love will be in our building teaching 4th grade students at other schools virtually.  The other grade level which was affected was 3rd grade. Mrs. Deanna Mizell's homeroom students will be split between Mrs. Barber and Mrs. Weaver while Mrs. Mizell will provide virtual instruction for 3rd grade students in the county. They will both still be able to check-in on their students. Mrs. Love and Mrs. Mizell are very sad to be temporarily losing their students; however, they both know that their students will be in good hands. Please note that this was not a choice they made, but rather a decision that was made at the district and school level. If your child is affected by this homeroom change, you will be receiving information regarding the name of the teacher your child has been moved to. We wish that we had been able to keep all of our children with their original teachers; however, this was not possible.
- Lastly, please remember that if you opted to keep your child virtual that decision cannot be changed until the end of the semester in December. Also, if you did not select bus transportation for your child, we cannot add them to a bus route at this time. 
Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing many of our students on Monday.