The Hog Mollies Return


They're Back!! The Hog Mollies have returned, thanks to 2nd & 7 and MCS Athletics!

Aniya Williams, a senior volleyball player at Riverside High School - Martin County, NC,, and Jeremiah Hill, a sophomore football player, spent the morning reading the tales of The Hog Mollies with every second-grade student at Jamesville Elementary School.

The Hog Mollies book series shares character lessons with second graders. The bonus to the lesson is the delivery of the story by student-athletes from our district.

Asim McGill, District Athletic Director and Student Services Coordinator introduced 2nd & 7 and The Hog Mollies more than a year ago. Athletes from Riverside and South Creek work with McGill and travel to each second-grade class in the county each month.

Students receive a new book to keep, at no cost to the district, each time the athletes visit to read.

The invasion of The Hog Mollies continues next week. Stay Tuned!!

Thank you to 2nd & 7 for making this opportunity possible for young readers and our athletes!