Early Release Day Thursday, 11/10/22. Car riders will dismiss at 11:50am. 

Veteran's Day Holiday, Friday, 11/11/22. Thank you to all those who have served. 

Dress Code Reminders

  • NO HOODS OR HATS are to be worn inside the building. That means not walking down the hall or in your classrooms. 
  • If jeans with holes above the knee are worn by males or females, they must have something on underneath. (leggings, tights, etc.)
  • No belly shirts are allowed. Shirts must go past the waist band of pants.
  • If students wear leggings, their shirt MUST be long enough to cover their bottom. 

Any student out of dress code will have to call home to get more clothes or they can wear something from the RMS clothes closet if we have something that fits. Students will wait in ISS until someone can bring them clothes or they change. Repeated offenses may result in other consequences such as OSS.

Other Behavior Reminders:

  • Too many students are being tardy to class for no reason other than they are walking too slow.
  • Students should attend their assigned elective at their assigned time or they will be considered skipping class.
  • We are asking students to put cell phones in their lockers. If they choose not to and their phone is seen (hanging out of their back pocket, in their hand, etc.) , the teacher will ask them to put it in their locker, they could take it until the end of the day, or they could take it and the parent will have to come pick it up. This is a non-negotiable. Refusal to follow directions will result in consequences that could range from ISS to OSS.
  • Students that are disrupting teachers teaching and students learning in a classroom will be asked to leave class and report to ISS. They will not be allowed to stay in the classroom and interfere with the learning of other students. 

We appreciate all of our parents for their help in enforcing our policies and procedures at RMS. Our goal is to make sure all of our students have a safe and effective learning environment.