Weekly Phone Call - 1-27-2019

Sunday - January 27, 2019 - 7:30 pm:

Good evening, The following are the weekly announcements from RHS:

Knight Lunch returns on Monday.  Students are reminded to go and sign up after 9:00 pm on Sunday night and each night after 9:00 pm.  Student need to sign up for a lunch and two other activities each day or they will spend time in a restricted environment.

Due to the increased concerns with cell phones, teachers have been provided with cell phone storage container in each room.  Students will be expected to place their phone in these storage containers while they are in each class period. Students will have their phones returned at the end of each class and during class transitions.

Students are reminded to be to school and class on time each day.  Students that can not attend school and class on time will face time in a restricted environment, loss of driving privileges to campus, restriction from optional school activities such as prom, extra curricular activities,  athletic events and honor society recognition.

This is a reminder that students need to follow the MCS Dress Code each day.  Students that do not follow the dress will have to sit in a restricted environment until their dress code concerns are corrected.

Please pay your $60 FBLA State fee by Jan 31, 2019. Thank you

Juniors will be working on ACT Prep during Knight Lunch this week.  Monday and Friday are optional days, an Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday are mandatory.

Ani-Nation will meet again January 31, after school in Mrs. Butler’s room.

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Friends of Rachel will be meeting on Monday after school in Mrs. Butler’s room, #206.

Once again, Thank you for supporting RHS.  Home of the Knights!