All parking lots open at 10:30 a.m. Guests will park in the student parking lot. If a guest has a state-issued handicap placard or license plate, they may park in the Fab 40 Lot outside of the Football Stadium.

Groups of guests MUST present the school-issued pass to drive onto campus and to enter the stadium, which they must do together at one time.  No one will be admitted without it. 

Programs will be available at the stadium ticket gate.  Once guests enter the stadium, they may sit on the hill (they should bring chairs/blankets if they wish to sit on the hill) or they may sit in the stadium in designated areas as instructed by staff. Standing or sitting along the fence in front of the stadium bleachers is not permitted.

Once guests enter the stadium, they may NOT leave for any reason. If they leave the stadium area, they will NOT be allowed re-entry.  Movement in the stadium should be limited to restrooms only.  Restrooms will be sanitized prior to the gates opening; however, they will not be re-sanitized until Graduation has concluded.

Guests are encouraged to stay in their seating area and maintain social distancing from other groups. Water will be provided, and guests are encouraged to obtain their water BEFORE taking their seats. Guests are also asked to dispose of their water bottles in the recycling receptacles near each stairwell at the conclusion of the Graduation ceremony.

NOTE: At 11:25 a.m. the gate to the Fab 40 lot will be LOCKED and NO GUESTS will be allowed to enter. PLEASE encourage your guests to arrive before this time.  It is imperative that everyone be in place and ready so that we may begin the procession at 11:30 a.m.