Cardwell Expands Role with MCS

Band Director will lead the district’s arts revival

Martin County Schools is sharpening its focus on music and the arts, and the heart of that effort is a familiar face to many. 

Alisha Cardwell, Riverside High School’s Band and Chorus Director, is expanding her role and will now serve the district as Arts Coordinator and Head Band Director. This is in addition to her roles at Riverside High School.  

“We are so fortunate to have a talent like Alisha Cardwell on our team,” said Dr. Michelle White, Superintendent. “Her contagious love of music and the arts combined with a passion for our students makes her an ideal leader for expanding opportunities in the Arts.”

Cardwell, who has been with the district for seven years, is excited to be a part of expanding opportunities for all students.

“I envision growing our arts programs starting from kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade,” said Cardwell. A part of that will be providing support for teachers in the Arts programs in terms of professional development, funding, Professional Learning Communities, collaboration, and more.

Her plan includes creating opportunities for our students to showcase their talents for the community, providing new opportunities in our schools for students to be involved in the arts, bringing performers and artists to Martin County for our students to watch and learn from, bringing groups of students from opposite ends of the county together to create music and art in the same space.