Weekly Phone Call - 04-27-2019 - 7:30 pm

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Saturday - April 27, 2019 - 7:30 pm

Good evening, The following are the weekly announcements from RHS:

RHS will be back in session on Monday April 29th.  We will be on Knight Lunch Schedule. Please do not forget to sign up for your three choices after 9:00 pm on Sunday night.

The 5th six weeks concluded before Easter Break.  Report cards will be distributed to all RHS students on Friday May 3rd.

Students  are reminded to be to school and class on time each day.  Students and parents are reminded that if you have more that 8 unexcused absences, you may not receive credit for your courses.  Even if you have a passing average. Students have the opportunity to make up time missed with their teachers. Makeup time is minute for minute for each class period missed.  

Student need to wear the proper MCS Dress Code to school and class each day.  This includes being on campus for only one class.

This is a reminder that exams for the spring 2019 semester begin in approximately 20 school days.

Cheer tryouts will take place at RHS starting Monday, May 6th-Thursday May 9th.  It will take place each day from 4:00-6:00 pm. Anyone trying out must have current physical and paperwork on file.  Middle school students need to bring copy of physical with them to first day of tryouts. Everyone is welcome to try out whether you have ever cheered or not.

Artsplosion will be April 30th-May 6th.  Selected Riverside student artworks will be on display with artwork from other MCS students  in the Building 1 Lobby at Martin Community College. Parent Night is April 30th from 6:30-8:30pm.

FCA will meet Wednesday May 1st at 7am at Bojangles.

All seniors are being asked to complete an informational exit survey by May 1st. http://bit.ly/ClassOf2019Survey

Interested in rockets or space? The week after spring break, RHS will be hosting a 5 day Knight Lunch series called Rocketing to the Moon. Students will design moon landers and send some rockets to the sky! Contact Mr. Conner if you are interested in participating. Spots are limited.

Once again, Thank you for supporting RHS.  Home of the Knights!