Weekly Phone Call - 03-31-2019 - 7:30 pm

Sunday - March 31, 2019 - 7:30 pm:

Good evening, The following are the weekly announcements from RHS:

Students are reminded to follow the dress code each day.  Students are reminded to be to school and class on time each day.  Students are reminded to follow the cell phone policy in school each day.

Mrs. Ward’s Homeroom is schedule for their Mandatory CPR training on Friday April 5th.  Seniors, you can not graduate from high school in North Carolina without the CPR certification.  It will be during Knight Lunch B and C this Friday. If you have any questions, see Mr. Myers.

If you were unable to pick up your cap and gown yesterday Mrs. Alvarez has it. You can come by her room BEFORE school, during Knight Lunch, or AFTER school. Do not interrupt her class to ask for your cap and gown. If you have not ordered your cap and gown you need to call Jostens and order it ASAP.

Senior fees are $45.00 and can be paid to Mrs. Alvarez each day by 1:15 p.m.. Please have exact change when you pay. If you don’t pay your senior fees you will not be able to graduate.

Seniors, have you checked out the acceptance wall located across from the Media Center? If you don’t see your name and have been accepted to a college or university, be sure to bring or email a copy of your acceptance letter to Ms. Highsmith.

Juniors, it is mandatory that you meet with Ms. Highsmith before the end of the school year. Check your email for the link to sign up for an appointment.

Seniors, if you wish to attend Decision Day in May, it is mandatory that you schedule a senior check-in with Ms. Highsmith. There will be food, games and raffles. Check the link in your email to sign up for an appointment.

Once again, Thank you for supporting RHS.  Home of the Knights!