North Carolina State Improvement Project (NCSIP II)

Funded by the Office of Special Education Programs in the U.S. Department of Education, NC SIP II works to improve the quality and effectiveness of educational programs and instruction for students with disabilities in North Carolina.

The North Carolina State Improvement Project II provides personnel development and program support services to significantly improve the performance and success of students with disabilities in North Carolina.

Improving the teaching of students with disabilities is a major focus of NC SIP II. There is clear and extensive research evidence supporting our belief that the vast majority of students with disabilities can read and write, as well as demonstrate math skills on grade level IF appropriate, research validated instructional and learning techniques are effectively employed.

The rapidly growing NCSIP network includes the following LEA based centers and sites:

  • Six reading and writing regional demonstration centers,

  • Approximately 68 NCSIP II research-based sites that focus on reading and writing instruction,

  • Three regional Early Literacy Demonstration Centers ,

  • Four regional mathematics instruction demonstration centers,

  • Thirty research-based mathematics instruction sites, and

  • Over 500 school buildings providing school-wide Positive Behavior Supports.