To: All Staff and Parents/Guardians

Date: August 25, 2014

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the comprehensive approach to pest management that combines biological, physical, chemical, and cultural tactics as well as effective, economic, environmentally sound, and socially acceptable methods to prevent and solve pest problems. This notice is being distributed to comply with the North Carolina School Children’s Health Act. Martin County Schools has adopted an IPM policy to comply with this law.

Notification of Pesticide Use: Martin County Schools may find it necessary to use pesticides to control pests at your school or other school system sites. North Carolina law gives you the right to be notified annually of our pesticide application schedule, and 72 hours in advance of pesticide applications made outside of that schedule. If you wish to be notified, instructions for notification are located in the schools handbook.

Emergency Pesticide Use: In the event that a non-exempt pesticide must be used for a pest control emergency at your school or other site and there is not adequate time to notify you more than 72 hours in advance, and you have requested advance notice, you will receive a notice of pesticide usage less than 72 hours before, or as soon as possible after the pesticide application.

Exemptions: Certain relatively low-risk pesticides are exempted from these notification requirements including antimicrobial cleansers, disinfectants, self-contained baits and crack-and-crevice treatments, and any pesticide products classified by the US EPA as belonging to the Toxicity Class IV,” relatively nontoxic”.

Pre-Notice and Schedule: Pre-notice is given with this notice on Advion, Bifenthrin and Roundup usage. Advion (granular) and Bifenthrin (liquid) will be used throughout the year to control fire ants and Roundup will be used mainly in the months of April and August to control/regulate vegetation.

IPM Coordinator for our school district is Terry Gardner (tgardner@martin.k12.nc.us) at 252-792-6637. Please contact if any further information is needed.