Superintendent's Message
Dr. Chris Mansfield, Superintendent,
Martin County Schools

Dear Parents,

Wow! It is hard to believe it is already time for school to start once again. The summer seems to pass as quickly as a wink. Martin County Schools is delighted to once again partner with you to provide your child a high-quality education and memorable school experience.

In recent years, Martin County Schools has implemented a number of educational programs and initiatives to carry out our vision to create a positive and supportive learning environment that prepares students to be successful citizens for an ever-changing society. And ever-changing is right! The things students are asked to learn and do today is quite a bit different from what we as parents and grandparents were asked to learn and do. It is the challenge of Martin County Schools to provide educational opportunities and challenges that not only prepare students for today but also prepare students for a world we might not even be able to yet imagine.

We strive to give students a variety of choices and opportunities as well as provide our staff with the tools to incorporate new classroom instructional techniques to promote individual student learning and increase communication for parents and among students. However, we also strive to preserve the values that have served our school system well for many years—the values of community, citizenship, and teamwork, just to name a few. You can see this is in our staffs’ commitment to work and to remain mindful that working together for the betterment of all students does make a difference in the preparedness to meet the future challenges that will face our community, state, and nation.

Finally, it continues to be my pleasure to serve as Superintendent of Martin County Schools. The citizens of Martin County should be proud of their school system and the excellent staff of dedicated professionals working for the success of our children. The support of the schools shown throughout this community is incredible and I thank you for that support. I also want to thank the Martin County Board of Education and Martin County Board of Commissioners for their support of our children and their commitment to education in Martin County.