What Every One Needs to Know to Survive in the Media Center
  • The large desk in the middle of the room is called the Circulation Desk. That is where book check in and check out takes place. Students should not go behind the desk for any reason.
  • Book Marks, special announcements and teacher book lists are also located on the Circulation Desk.
  • Always bring a Note when coming to the media center.
  • To Check out a book, students must know their Student number.
  • Books are checked out for three weeks unless otherwise specified by their teacher.
  • Books are stamped in the back with the Due Date. Always turn books in on time to avoid paying a Fine.
  • Fiction books are shelved in Alphabetical Order by the author’s last name. Nonfiction books are shelved by the Dewey Decimal System.
  • New Books are displayed either on the Circulation Desk or on the large glass display in the media center.
  • Students are allowed to check out a pleasure book at the same time as a class novel.
  • eBooks are located on the RHS website and are available for check out to be read online. The user name and password is the student’s NCWise number.
  • Nooks also available for checkout by students. Each Nook has at least one book on it. Students must complete an eReader User Agreement before checking out a Nook. See your English teacher or the media center for a copy. Students are not to connect to the Nook’s Wi Fi or attempt to download anything to the Nook.
  • eBooks and Nooks are checked out for three weeks just like a regular book.
  • Students will receive Overdue Notices once their books are overdue. They only have to pay the Fine if they do not return their book by the end of the six weeks. However, the fine will increase for every week that it is late. Fines begin at $1.00 and increase .25 per week up to the price of the book.
  • Computers are available for student use. We have desktops, large laptops and netbooks that are available to students.
  • Students must have an Acceptable Use Policy ( AUP) on file before they are allowed to use the Internet. Students are NOT allowed to use their own devices (laptops, tablets, smartphone’s, etc.) to connect to the Internet. Students have access to NCWiseOwl and NCLive which are databases for students to use for research. To use the Infotrac in NCWiseOwl, the password is wiseowl16. To access NCLive, students must choose Beaufort, Martin, Hyde Regional Libraries for their institution and they must have a library card from the public library and use the library card number as the password.
  • Magazines are located over in the newly renovated Internet Café. These are available to students to look at while they are in the media center. Current magazine cannot be checked out.
  • The Internet Café is place for students to use laptops for school work or is an area for students to sit and read.