Membership Requirements:
  • All NHS members must maintain weighted GPA of 3.5.
    • If GPA falls below, you will be placed on a one-time probation of one (1) semester. If GPA remains below 3.5, you will be dismissed from NHS.
  • All NHS members must perform ongoing community service.
    • 25 hours of school/community service (10 hours due by Nov. 4; next 10 due by Mar. 3; last 5 due by May 5)
    • Cannot be earned as part of required projects of NHS or another RHS organization.
    • Must provide DETAILED written verification documenting service performed and hours served, signed by the person(s) supervising.
    • Guidelines for service activities:
      • Any event whose primary purpose is to benefit the community.
      • Unpaid tutoring that occurs outside the RHS and documented by the parent of the student involved.
      • Volunteer service for a non-profit organization.
      • Assisting elderly or disabled individuals within the Avon Community (with prior approval by NHS advisor).
  • All NHS members are expected to attend NHS functions, including, but not limited to, fundraising activities, service activities, and the Induction Ceremony. If an emergency arises, please inform the adviser at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Annual membership dues are $35.00 and will be collected starting in August.

Section 1: All members shall follow the rules and discipline policies of Riverside High School.

Section 2: A member who has been referred to the discipline committee for any violation of the discipline policy shall be referred to the faculty advisory committee for the purpose of determining the student’s disciplinary reprimand or dismissal.

Section 3: Any student who is eligible for membership who has cheated or is found cheating will not be accepted in the NHS. The NHS Handbook states that the student of character must manifest truthfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoid cheating in written or oral work, and show unwillingness to profit by the mistakes of others. (page 29).

Cheating is defined as (but not limited to) any intentionally deceitful and dishonest act in relation to academics.

The following criteria are considered cheating: claiming credit for work not produced through your own efforts; providing yourself or others unlawful access to restricted/prohibited information or materials while completing tests or assignments; direct knowledge and tolerance of cheating by others. Specific examples of cheating are: plagiarizing, bringing in and using unauthorized notes during any test, turning in the same paper twice to two different classes, using electronics to cheat or share information with another student during a test, being caught by a teacher looking at another student’s paper, sharing assignments with other students, taking individually assigned assessments in groups; allowing your work to be plagiarized, and/or knowingly assisting another student to cheat.

Section 4: Any member found cheating will be notified by the sponsors of an immediate dismissal.

Section 5: Any student caught with drugs, alcohol or smoking on campus or found under the influence of any of these substances at school or at a school function will be immediately dismissed from NHS.

Section 6: Any member who skips school or classes shall be placed on three weeks probation and must complete a school service project and fulfill any requirements set forth by the faculty advisory committee during the probation period. If this student repeats the violation, his or her membership will be immediately withdrawn.

Section 7: Any student that receives ISS or OSS prior to induction or after will face a hearing by the faculty council who will determine if the student will be placed on probation or be dismissed from NHS.