Drop-Add Spring 2019

Drop/Add period for Spring Semester:

In effort to support students in meeting graduation requirements, students who meet the following criteria will be permitted to utilize the drop/add period from 1/22 to 1/25 to revise their Spring Semester schedules.

At least one of the following criteria must be meet for a schedule to be revised:

1. Course change is necessary for student to graduate in June 2019.

2. Student does not meet prerequisite for course scheduled. (example: registered for foods II and has not had foods I or scheduled for Math III and has not successfully completed math II).

3. System error: such as course is no longer available.

If your situation meets at least one of these expectations, please contact your school counselor for assistance.  

If your last name begins with an A through L contact Mrs. Leavelle at kleavelle@martin.k12.nc.us or come by the office on Tuesday, January 22.

If your last name begins with M through Z, please contact Mrs. Ridddick at jkimbrough@martin.k12.nc.us or come by the office on Tuesday, January 22.