Goal 1: Every student in the Martin County School System graduates from high school prepared for work, further education, and citizenship.

1.1 Increase the four-year cohort graduation rate.

1.2 Graduate students prepared for post-secondary education.

1.3 Graduate career-ready student.

1.4 Increase the percentage of students performing on grade level by promotion to fourth grade.

1.5 Increase student performance on the state's End-of-Grade and End-of-Course tests.

1.6 Increase the number of students that graduate from high school with post-secondary credit.

1.7 Schools throughout the district will work together to implement transition plans to facilitate students' success as they move from one grade, grade span, or school to the next.

1.8 The district will engage a systematic, inclusive, and comprehensive process to review, revise, and communicate a system-wide purpose for student success.

Goal 2: Every student has a personalized education.

2.1 Increase student participation in district-approved online courses and/or college courses.

2.2 Increase the number of students, particularly minority students, taking rigorous STEM classes.

2.3 Increase the number of students completing a career-technical pathway.

2.4 Expand access to resources to assist struggling students in grades K-12.

2.5 Accelerated and AIG students will have opportunities to take challenging, rigorous courses and participate in a variety of enrichment experiences.

Goal 3: Every student, every day has excellent teachers.

3.1 Improve the correlation between teacher evaluation and student performance.

3.2 Increase the capacity of school leaders to increase the performance of their schools.

3.3 Increase the percentage of effective or highly effective teachers in all schools.

3.4 All staff members participate in a continuous program of professional learning.

Goal 4: Martin County Schools utilizes up-to-date financial, business, and technology systems to serve its students and educators.

4.1 Martin County Schools will improve the way it utilizes technology resources in the teaching and learning process.

4.2 Use funds and resources in accordance with federal and state statutes and state board policies.

4.3 Martin County Schools will implement computerized financial and business systems to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Goal 5: Every student is healthy, safe, and responsible.

5.1 Each school will create and maintain a safe and respectful environment.

5.2 The district will promote healthy, active lifestyles for students.

5.3 Decrease the number of students who are chronically absent from school.

5.4 Decrease the number of days students are suspended out-of-school.

5.5 Decrease the incidences of violence and crime in schools.

5.6 The district and schools will develop and/or implement programs to improve parent and community engagement.

(For additional information regarding these goals and objectives, see the Martin County Board of Education Strategic Plan.)