Martin County Schools is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students, staff, and visitors.  To that end, we are always evaluating how to improve our safety measures. Here are just a few of the measures taken to ensure safety:

1.  All schools have buzz-in systems.  If you visit a school, please be prepared to state who you are and what your business is at the school in order to be buzzed in.

2.  All Martin County Schools now have School Resource Officers.

3.  Staff and students at all schools regularly practice procedures and protocols for a variety of situations.  

4.  School staff works with law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies to help us prepare for unforeseen events and to assist in providing safety at large events such as athletic contests.

5.  A Bully Reporting Form  and a link to the Crisis Help Line are available 24/7 on this website for anyone to anonymously report bullying they experience or witness or who is experiencing crisis and needs to reach out some someone immediately!

6.  The school system is always investigating technology and other devices that can assist us in better securing our schools.

7.  Martin County Schools will soon implement a Safe Schools App that can be downloaded to mobile phones.  More information will be coming out soon!

We're asking parents to help us in our efforts to keep schools safe by doing the following...

1.  If you see something unsafe, please report it to your child's school administrators.  

2.  Talk to your child(ren) about school safety and share with them measures we're taking to keep schools safe.

3.  If you witness bullying or your child is bullied, please use the Bully Report form on the website. Doing so informs both district and school personnel and initiates a paper trail that helps us investigate bullying incidents.

4.  Make sure your child's school has correct phone numbers for you and any emergency contacts you have.  You would be surprised how many times we need to contact parents and the phone number we have on file is no longer working.

5. If your child's school has to be locked down due to a potential threat or because they are conducting a safety drill, please do not attempt to go to the school at that time.  You will not be able to access the school.

Martin County Schools promises to do the following...

1.  We will continue to evaluate our safety measures and work to improve each and every day. 

2.  We will continue to look for new and better ways to secure schools and students.

3.  We will do our very best to provide timely information to parents about safety situations.  Please understand that in some cases, we are limited in what we can report by law enforcement or privacy factors.

4.  We will not behaviors by some that create unsafe environments for others.

School safety is everyone's concern.  Thanks for supporting our efforts to make our schools great and safe places to learn, play, compete, and grow!