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Student Transfers

Important Information Regarding New Student Transfer Requests


The North Carolina General Assembly has passed new laws that govern the maximum size limitations for K-3 classrooms.   These limits will most certainly iimpact our ability to offer school choice options in the same way we have been able to do so in past years.  Even an increase of just one or two students in a grade level may create a situation that would violate mandated class size caps. Additionally, these caps must be accompanied by strict system-wide averages. Therefore, a change in one school has the potential to disrupt class size averages throughout the district causing the district to be in violation of the law.



Maximum Cap

Maximum System-Wide Average




First Grade



Second Grade



Third Grade




This situation is true for all K-3 students seeking new transfers including Martin County students, students of employees of Martin County Schools, and students seeking to move their membership from outside counties.


While you may still submit a new transfer request, there is a very good possibility that your request may not be granted if doing so would (1) exceed maximum allowed caps, (2) disrupt the system-wide average, and/or (3) cause the system to hire additional teachers.  Even if space were to be available in a grade level or school, it would be very difficult to make any new transfer decisions until the end of the first or second week of school.  Until that time, you should plan for your child to attend their assigned school.


For students that had received transfer approval in previous years, those transfers should be honored.  If those students have younger siblings that wish to attend the same school, those requests will be honored to the extent they can be honored.  However, there may be situations in which that cannot be the case.


Martin County Schools understands the uncertainty under which this may place some families.  This is not our intent, however, we must follow the laws as passed by the General Assembly.

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