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Licensed employees click here to check your CEUs.  This will only work on a school computer.

At its June 7, 2010 meeting, the Martin County Board of Education changed the technology CEU requirements for certified personnel.  Effective July 1, 2010 only one (1) technology CEU will be required (versus the current three CEU requirement) for license renewal.  The one (1) CEU of technology must focus on using technology as an instructional or diagnostic tool.
 Effective July 1st, 2015, the North Carolina State Board of Education has established new Continuing Education Unit (CEU) requirements for renewing of a teacher license. All certified personnel must have 8 CEUs to renew. Of the 8 CEUs, 3 must be content (related to your license area). K-8 classroom teachers must have 3 literacy CEUs. Additionally, Martin County Schools requires all license holders to complete 1 CEU in technology. Contact your licensure specialist at the central office for more information.