IEP Tips to Remember

IEP Tips to Remember 
(from the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center)
  • EVERY child can learn and make progress.
  • The steps of the IEP Process must be followed in the correct order.
  • The “I” in IEP stands for individualized.  Your child’s IEP must reflect your child.
  • The IEP should be specific, detailed and easily understandable by anyone - even if someone who is not a member of the current \ IEP Team.
  • Special Education is NOT a place. Special Education is the supports and services your child receives through his or her IEP.
  • On the IEP, Placement is NOT a location. Placement is the amount of time spent with special education services.
  • Statements about your child’s Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance are critical parts of the IEP.  They must be crystal clear and accurate.
  • Goals need to be logical, measurable, and relevant to your child.
  • The IEP Team should work together to reach a consensus.  There is NO voting!
  • Stay focused!  Don’t get sidetracked.
  • Parents are the constant – providing continuity to an ever-changing IEP Team.
  • Lack of money and/or other resources does not exempt a school district from providing what a child needs.
  • Don’t leave the meeting without a copy of your child’s IEP!